Leadership Team

Leadership Team

A solution provider who always strives to improve the performance of Air Preheaters. With his 25+ years of working experience in various designs and sizes of Air Preheaters, he has implemented many solutions and problem-solving techniques at various Thermal Power plants towards performance improvement across 10 countries. He is an expert in carrying out troubleshooting for various condition assessments of APH. His contribution towards GEECO’s goal to become a world-class organization stands as testimony to his wide knowledge. His expertise in identifying and addressing performance issues has led to significant energy savings and increased efficiency in the operation of Air Preheaters.

A key personnel graduated as a mechanical engineer from Annamalai University. He holds 20 years of technical experience worldwide, having done troubleshooting service supervision, assessment studies of Air Preheater of various sizes up to 1000 MW for more than 400 APH, and worked on more than 16 different boiler manufacturers’ APH designs. He is the lead Project Manager for most of the Renovation and Modernisation (R&M) projects carried out by GEECO. Besides his achievements in the field, he has presented many technical papers at our customer sites and coordinated various training sessions and seminars.

A versatile personality who has been associated with GEECO since its incorporation and has been involved in all the major statutory activities of GEECO. He is currently taking care of commercial-oriented activities and also providing support, including but not limited to finance, taxation, banking, trading, labour, and other statutory obligations. His focus on understanding our customer’s needs acts as an important factor in bringing in potential contracts such as Renovation & Modernization and also the supply of New APH & GGH which has provided us yet another opportunity to prove ourselves in the industry.

Having over 10+ years of interdisciplinary research experience in the areas of materials and surface characterization, polymers and their coatings, molecular adhesion, finite element analysis, and molecular modelling, he holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from I.I.T. Madras, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University (Pennsylvania, USA) and a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA).

An experienced graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, who has served BHEL Trichy & Ranipet for around 39 years with a focus in Air Preheater Engineering and exposure to detailed design, field engineering, etc. He has contributed a lot towards the design and development of Air Preheater up to a capacity of 800 MW. Throughout his career, he has successfully executed numerous projects and provided technical guidance to a team of engineers. His expertise in Air Preheater has been recognised by industry professionals, and his contributions have greatly enhanced the efficiency and performance of power plants.

A technical expert having an experience of about 45+ years in the field of Air Preheaters. He holds the pride of having worked in various types of Air Preheaters including horizontal, vertical and Routhmuhle and different sizes starting from 18 size to the largest one of 32.5 size. He has done Service Supervision for more than 600 Air Preheaters, and installed and commissioned more than 50 new APHs all over India and abroad. He is a specialist in handling Kingsbury type of bearings, troubleshooting & Automatic Leakage Control Systems of Air Preheaters. He has conducted various performance tests for APH and also including but not limited to R&M works for various types/sizes of Air Preheaters. He has carried out the replacement of APH in a record break time of 35 days as part of our team.