GEECO Air Preheater spares are precisely fabricated to meet the original specification of custom engineered rotary Air Preheater. This ensures the same performance as the original equipment while maintaining the structural integrity.


Rotor post, Diaphragm Plate, Stay Plate, Rotor Shell Plate, End plate, Rotor Grating, Rotor Angle, Basket Removal Door Cover.

Heating Element / Basket

Cold End Basket, Cold End Intermediate Basket, Hot End Basket, Hot Intermediate Basket, Sacrificing Basket, Enameled Basket, All Heating Element profiles.


Radial Seal (Double Seals), Soft Touch Seal, T – Bar (Machined & Conventional), Axial Seal with holding strips (Double Seal), Bypass Seal with Holding Strips, Rotor Post Seal, Diaphragm Seal for Modular Rotor, Diaphragm Cover Sheet for Conventional Rotor, Metallic Self Lock Nut, Bypass Seal Bar – Hot End Only, Aluminium Finger Tab, All Seal Tabs, Pin Rack Tab


Main Pedestal Assembly, Side Pedestal Assembly, Housing Panel, Expansion Arrangement, Axial Seal Plate, Static Seal Assembly, Axial Seal Adjuster Rods

Connecting Plate (Hot & Cold End)

Sector Plate with Inboard & Outboard Adjusters, Center Section, Static Seal Assembly, Stationary Spool Assembly, Stationary Spool Support Ring Assembly, Pipe Braces, Circumferential Seal Angle (Machined & Conventional), Bypass Seal Angle

Support Bearing

Support Trunnion, Support Trunnion Bolts, Support Bearing Housing, Support Bearing Housing Cover, Air Seal Cover, Water Shield Assembly, Support Bearing

Guide Bearing

Guide Trunnion with Adapter Sleeve, Cap Plate with Screw, Housing Sleeve, Bearing Housing, Sealing Tube Assembly, Trunnion Sleeve, Guide Bearing Air Seal Assembly & Spares, Guide Trunnion Bolts, Tracking Rods, Guide Bearing

Rotor Drive

Gear Box, Internals of Gear Box, Over Running Clutch Assembly, Air Motor, Pinion, Pinion Cover, Taper Lock Bush, Carbon Ring with Tension Spring, Couplings : Flexible / Fluid, Pin Rack Assembly / Pins, Filter, Lubricator, Solenoid Valve, Pressure Switch, Rotor Stoppage Alarm

Oil Circulation System

Filter, Oil Cooler, Relief valve, Pump, Coupling, Flow Switch, Sight Glass

Cleaning Device

Barco Swivel Ball Joint, Nozzle with Bend Pipe Assembly, Coupling, Cleaning Nozzle, Gear Box & its Spares

Wash & Deluge Assembly

Nozzles with Pipe Assembly, Wash & Deluge Nozzle, Strainer

Fire Sensing Device

Thermocouple Fire Sensing Device