GEECO provide, best and economical solutions for Industrial air pollution by incorporating latest technologies, thereby achieving stringent pollution control norms in various plants like Electric Utility, Co-gen boiler, Municipal Incinerator, Ferrous & Non-ferrous, Petroleum, etc. We also cater to industries like Paper, Steel and Cement for recovery of valuable products, which offsets the cost of equipment.

Electrostatic Precipitator can be sized in single or multiple units for a wide range of gas volume, temperature, pressure and particulate matter.

GEECO can also supply single field Electrostatic Precipitator for Oil mills, where the inlet particulate matter load can be less than 1gm/Nm3.

GEECO provides latest and advanced microprocessor control system with modern energization transformer rectifiers, operated in a switch mode power supply to enhance ESP performance.

Our design is offered in two variants to suit various dust / particulate matter to be collected based on physical, chemical and volumetric properties

EMIGI Design – Sigma / ‘G’ profile Collecting electrode with Top rapping and Pipe with spike Discharge electrode with Top rapping

Tumbling Design – Sigma /’G’ profile Collecting electrode with Bottom rapping and Rigid