Research & Development

Research & Development

GEECO’s In-house R&D facility has been recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. R&D activities comprise of development and testing of products, selection and performance prediction of Air Preheaters and improvement in manufacturing process.

We have developed our own series of heating element profiles GCF®, GCP®, GHT®, GCN and so on.., for better heat recovery, reduced pressure drop and good cleanability. Our profiles are tailor-made to provide reliable long term performance meeting out customer’s requirements.

R&D facility has custom-built test rigs for testing the performance of heating elements, the life and the frictional wear of radial soft touch seals, the corrosion rate of steel alloys, and the corrosion inhibition duration of rust preventive oils. CFD and FEA tools are extensively used for studying flow distribution, validating our test models, preliminary feasibility study of new ideas and gaining fundamental understanding of our own products.


  • New Product and Technology Development for energy conservation and cleaner environment
  • In-depth Product knowledge and expertise
  • In-house laboratory development for testing of new product developments
  • Process parameter optimization for better product performance
  • Provide technical assistance to Engineering and Field Engineering Service

Research Areas

  • Development of advanced heating element profiles for higher heat recovery and easy cleanability
  • Solutions to minimize air heater leakage and enhance the life of seals
  • Modification and optimization of manufacturing process to improve production rate and accuracy
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to study the effects of flow distribution, improve soot blower effectiveness and understand the relationship between the heat transfer and the geometry of heating elements
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations to analyze the thermo-mechanical stresses and deformations in our products


  • GEECO’s High Thermal Performance Profile – GHT®
  • GEECO’s High Cleanability Profile – GCP® & GCF®
  • GEECO’s Leakage Reduction System – GLRS®
  • New concept of increasing APH size without altering existing supporting structures
  • Guide vanes to improve APH performance
  • Improved soft touch seals
  • Bi-metallic Leakage Control Seal (TALCONTM)