APH Engineering

GEECO’s APH Engineering, endeavours in supplying world class products to its customers and continually strives hard to improve and upgrade the performance & availability of Air Preheater. Our capabilities are geared to design equipment as per specific customer requirements, complying with National/International codes & Standards.

All fabrication drawings for critical Assemblies are generated through 3D Software which has been developed in-house for verification using Virtual Reality (VR) facility.

Over the decades, Air Preheater Engineering design & Development has established state of art technology and design facilities in FEA & CFD for mechanical analysis for the APH components & Fluid dynamic analysis for the fluids being handled.

GEECO Engineering developed many variants of heating element profiles to suit various applications and conditions. GEECO Engineering has proven track record in analysing the problems and to suggest improvements for better heat recovery.

Our Engineering launched Leakage reduction System with innovative ideas in order to increase the reliable operation throughout the year. Established latest state of art in the design to reduce leakage. Invention of Soft Touch sealing for less leakage.

ESP Engineering

Our ESP Engineering team at GEECO possess, experienced Executives & Senior professional with vast knowledge and hands-on experience in Electrostatic precipitator of around 20 years and were trained in the works of respective collaborators of their principal employer and have supplied & executed ESPs for around 5000 MW that includes both domestic and global customer. With rich experience and adherence to latest technologies, we have developed and stabilized our in-house design and reliability of its system.

Our experience in handling projects of any size and application, from concept till commissioning including Design, Analyze, build and Test, considering the practicality, regulation, safety and cost is greatly acknowledged by our customers.

We provide solutions and project services for New and retrofit ESP and undertake consulting and field services like assessment, overhauling, erection supervision, trouble shooting and testing.