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Gas-Gas Heater

GEECO’s expertise, combined with engineering capability to design, manufacture, supply and erect Gas-Gas Heater has been successfully demonstrated to our prestigious customers, a number of times.

GGH is regenerative heat exchanger with a rotating heat transfer surface. The rotor with the installed heating elements (heat storing mass) rotates continuously inside a housing. Untreated and treated gas flows are separated from each other by means of seals. The hot untreated gas coming from the boiler enters the GGH through the untreated gas duct and imparts heat to the heating elements of the turning rotor. The treated gas which has cooled down in the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) system re-enters the GGH through the treated gas duct and re-absorbs the heat stored in the heating elements.

This heat exchange is a continuous process for the recovery of the heat stored in the untreated gas which would otherwise get lost in the FGD system and thus contributes to an economic reheating of the treated gas. The untreated gas inlet and the treated gas outlet side is called “hot side” whereas the untreated gas outlet and the treated gas inlet side is referred to as the “cold side” of the GGH. For the proper operation of the GGH the provision of additional components (auxiliaries), such as sealing air system, high pressure pump, shut down hot air conservation and seal air system is required.