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GEECO’s growth is strongly attributed by its penchant for innovation and development of products. It has taken continuous efforts in improvement of heating element profiles which are key for any APH’s performance and Its persistent efforts in reducing leakage in APH has paved way for one-of-a-kind products.

GEECO’s pioneering innovation have introduced bi-metallic seal and cantilever seal to minimize the hot end leakage at Hot end radial seal area. We have also introduced machined T-Bar, machined sealing angle, Soft touch Seals, Soft touch double bypass seals, Easy strip Baskets, Pin-Rack alignment plates and so on…

We brought-in ‘Sacrificing Basket’ concept which gave a great saving in customers’ overhauling replacement expense and have launched GLRSTM (GEECO Leakage Reduction System) with more reliability,through temperature based control and with innovative ideas in an economical way.

  • GEECO’s High Thermal Performance Profile – GHT®
  • GEECO’s High Cleanability Profile – GCP® & GCF®
  • Technology to increase APH diameter with minimal changes
  • Guide Vanes to Improve APH Performance
  • Improved Soft Touch Radial Seals
  • Bi-metallic Leakage Control Seal (TALCONTM)