Renovation & Modernization

Renovation & Modernization

Renovation and Modernization (R&M), modifying an existing APH represents the meaningful opportunity to bring additional revenue, It is done to improve efficiency and Increase reliability in operation for under performing Air Preheater. GEECO possesses proven expertise in executing R&M jobs, incorporating State-Of-The-Art Technologies and timely completion within the specified budget.

Need for Renovation & Modernization

  1. Under-Performing
    1. a. Heat Recovery not adequate
    2. b. Air Leakage is more
    3. c. Drive, Bearings need Attention
  • Input Parameters changed over the years
  • Flue Gas exit Temperature quite high
  • High Pressure drop across APH
  • High erosion of components
  • Fan loading is more
  • Generation Cost is high

Benefits of Renovation & Modernization

  • Reliable APH & Improved Boiler Efficiency
  • Lesser Air Leakage through improved sealing system
  • Effectiveness of APH improved through increasing heating surface area
  • Reduced leakage & Pressure drop across APH leads to Power saving in Fans
  • Better ESP performance
  • Coal Consumption, Mill loading Reduced
  • With Modular Design, Erection simplified
  • Maintenance Cost reduced with Sacrificing Baskets