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Performance Guarantee testing is done as per performance test codes & standards of Boilers & Auxiliaries to prove the contractual guarantee. Performance Evaluation testing of Boilers & Auxiliaries (APH, ESP & Pulverisers) is done to assess the present condition & also to meet out the influences of different coal properties, for further improvements. Just making a single point measurement of temperature and oxygen is not sufficient, Performance test is to be conducted as per test code ASME PTC 4.3

Validation Test

Pretests are conducted for all layouts connecting APH with ESP & ESP with ID Fan systems to get required inputs for CFD optimizations. The purpose is to ensure uniform flow distribution across the cross section in the medium through which Air/Gas is allowed to flow. This distribution also aids in reducing pressure drop across the equipment by which it operates at its best efficiency. This is also further ascertained post-test, taking grid measurements with pitot tubes, micromanometers & vane type anemometers.

Our other testing include Air/Gas Flow Equalising Test, Cold Air Velocity Test (CAVT) for boiler, Clean Air Flow Test (CAFT), Dirty Air Flow Test (DAFT) etc..