Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Mr. J. Albert Jeyachander – General Manager, Commercial

A versatile personality who is being associated with GEECO since its incorporation and had been involved in all the major statutory activities of GEECO. He is currently taking care of commercial-oriented activities and also providing support including but not limited to Finance, Taxation, Banking, Trading, Labour & other statutory obligations. His focus in understanding our customer needs acts as an important factor to bring in potential contracts such as Renovation & Modernization and also Supply of New APH & GGH which has provided us yet another opportunity to prove ourselves in the industry.

Mr. R. Shivakumar – General Manager, Field Engineering Service / APH - Division

A solution provider who always strive to improve the performance of Air Preheaters. With his 25 years of working experience in various design and size of Air Preheaters, he has implemented many solutions and problem solving techniques at various Thermal Power plants towards performance improvement across 10 countries. He is an expert in carrying out troubleshooting for various condition assessment of APH. His contribution towards GEECO’s goal to become a world class organization stands a testimony to his wide knowledge.

Mr. R. Selvarethinam – Senior Deputy General Manager, Field Engineering Service / APH - Division

A go-getter who holds worldwide technical experience in more than 10 countries across the globe. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and also holds Bureau Veritas Lead Auditor certification for QMS. He has done Service supervision, Assessment Study of more than 350 Air preheaters of various sizes and 16 different boiler manufacturer’s APH Design. He also takes active lead in R & M projects of APH. Besides his achievements in the field, he has presented many technical papers to our customers and coordinated various training sessions and seminars.

Dr. M. Suresh – Deputy General Manager, Research & Development

Having over 10 years of interdisciplinary research experience in the areas of materials and surface characterization, polymers and their coatings, molecular adhesion, finite element analysis and molecular modeling, he holds B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from I.I.T. Madras, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University (Pennsylvania, USA) and Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA).